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The PainExam podcast

A podcast featuring's creator David Rosenblum, MD, discussing Pain Management Board Preparation, keywords, and current topics relevant to any physician who practices pain management. David Rosenblum, MD has been preparing physicians for the pain boards since 2008, and is currently the director of Pain Management at Maimonides Medical Center, AABP Pain Management , and CEO of

Nov 30, 2022

Journal Club where David Rosenblum, MD reviews the possible complications related to an intrathecal pump.  Discussed in this podcast:
Intrathecal pump malfunction, disconnect, granuloma, infection, MRI compatibility, related malfunctions, and evaluation of pump failure.

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Nov 16, 2022

Regenerative Pain Medicine in Knee OA- The Interosseous Injection of BMAC and PRP
In anticipation of NRAP Academy‚Äôs upcoming Regenerative Medicine Course, Dr. Rosenblum reviews interosseous injections of PRP and Bone Marrow Aspirate in the treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis. 
Dr. Rosenblum reviews key points and...

Nov 8, 2022

A review of the evidence
David Rosenblum, MD reviews the description and evidence provided by Loibi et al in the published article referenced below.  Dr. Rosenblum discusses personal experiences with treating back pain with regenerative medicine procedures.  Discussed in this podcast:
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