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The PainExam podcast

A podcast featuring's creator David Rosenblum, MD, discussing Pain Management Board Preparation, keywords, and current topics relevant to any physician who practices pain management. David Rosenblum, MD has been preparing physicians for the pain boards since 2008, and is currently the director of Pain Management at Maimonides Medical Center, AABP Pain Management , and CEO of

Mar 21, 2023

Biologics and the Peripheral Nerve.
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Dr. Rosenblum discuss his upcoming talk at the Appalachian Region Spine and Pain Meeting:  Incorporating Ultrasound into a Spine and Pain Practice on April 14-16 2023 and the topics he plans to include: Ultrasound Guided Knee therapies, cluneal nerve, caudal, brachial plexus and more!
Today’s podcast (inspired by TOBI and Dr. Sudhir Diwan, Dr. Sheldon Jordon and Dr. Rikin Patel's ASIPP Lectures)  focuses on the risk and benefits of performing PRP injection onto a nerve.  Dr. Rosenblum discusses:
 Possible fibrosis of the ulna nerve after using PRP for partial ulnar collateral ligament tears
 Best Time for PRP Injection after Nerve Regeneration
 Alpha 2-macroglobulin (what is it?)
 PRP for moderate to severe carpal tunnel syndrome
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