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The PainExam podcast

A podcast featuring's creator David Rosenblum, MD, discussing Pain Management Board Preparation, keywords, and current topics relevant to any physician who practices pain management. David Rosenblum, MD has been preparing physicians for the pain boards since 2008, and is currently the director of Pain Management at Maimonides Medical Center, AABP Pain Management , and CEO of

Dec 27, 2023

Phenol in the treatment of Hip Pain
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Dr. Rosenblum discusses the use of phenol injected into the pericapsular nerve group, hip joint and outcome a isolated case reports.  Also discussed, phenol, its mechanism of action and a refractory case of neuralgia paresthetica.  Pain from hip cancer, pain from DVT and IPACK or articular branch of the tibial nerve block discussed for knee pain. 
Dr. Rosenblum discusses his ultrasound training programs, the migration of the PainExam platform to the new website and offers a testimonial from a previous ultrasound course from the student who inspired this podcast.
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