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The PainExam podcast

A podcast featuring's creator David Rosenblum, MD, discussing Pain Management Board Preparation, keywords, and current topics relevant to any physician who practices pain management. David Rosenblum, MD has been preparing physicians for the pain boards since 2008, and is currently the director of Pain Management at Maimonides Medical Center, AABP Pain Management , and CEO of

May 5, 2020

A Keyword Review on Nerve Entrapments and the Cervical Spine

  • Virtual Pain Fellowship at
  • Dr. Rosenblum Discusses Peripheral Stimulation of the Cluneal Nerves on a SPRINT Webinar Tonight!-

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NYSIPP Heroes Webinar

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Join us as we hear from some of front line heroes in New York as they tell us about their experiences battling Covid-19.
For this webinar, we are raising money for the a great charity, the Ironman Foundation, that will direct funds to those in need here in New York. We know times are tough now, but they are going to get better soon! Please reach down deep in your pockets and contribute what you can in honor of our front line heroes who have gone above and beyond their call. 

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